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Suntrac Thermal Panels

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  • Integrates with your new equipment installations, and existing system upgrades.
  • Package/Split Units/ Mini/ Multi Split Units/ Chiller Systems/ Commercial DX refrigeration.
  • Compatible with most high efficient HVAC equipment (variable speed, multi stage)
  • Variable Capacity

The benefits of installing Suntrac Systems on Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration systems:

  • Decreases compressor system electrical usage by 25 to 40%, reduces costs, saving $$$
  • Increases compressor system efficiency
  • Increases compressor system life span, reducing risk of HVAC & Commercial Refrigeration system failures
  • Increases efficiencies on new and mid-lifecycle existing HVAC and Commercial Refrigeration systems
  • ROI of 12 to 36 months, IRR of 25% to 45%, creates positive cash flow for up to 10 years, +US Federal Tax Credit/ITC & 5-Year MACRS Depreciation (US & Territories)
  • Low install and maintenance costs, integrates with existing maintenance programs


  • Commercial Unitary DX and Heat Pump Rooftop and split systems
  • Mini/Multisplit VRV and VRF type systems with DC Inverter compressors
  • Air & water cooled chillers with multi-stage, screw, or inverter driven compressors
  • Multi-stage, screw, or inverter driven compressor applications not utilizing ammonia refrigeration for supermarket, cold storage, or similar applications.
  • Works with multi-stage, variable speed, and variable capacity compressors, including tandems, and single speed compressors with Variable Frequency Drives

Used In

  • Government, institutional, and educational buildings
  • Mixed Use Low, Mid, and High Rise Buildings
  • “Big Box” retail, or other “Chain” type applications
  • Air conditioned warehouse and distribution centers.
  • Hospitality & hotels
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Malls


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